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STRAstudio is an architecture and engineering company that provides integrated design and management services for real estate, property and construction.

With a propensity for innovative technological development and the use of BIM methodology.


BIM - Building Information Modeling - is a working methodology in construction that supports participants to manage their multidisciplinary collaboration more effectively.

The use of BIM represents the new scenario of design and especially architectural construction management.

It is a process through which all services related to the design and future life of a building can be provided and managed. Such as geometry management and integrated building design (3D), time planning (4D), cost analysis (5D), performance analysis (6D) and operations management (7D)

STRAstudio works according to the BIM methodology by realising, under direct contract or subcontract, the integrated digital model from which, the various principals and professionals involved in the building process, can share, extract and generate information according to their skills and needs, respecting the BIM dimensions required for the final purpose. (3D,4D,5D,6D,7D)

By using the BIM methodology across projects, STRAstudio provides and manages integrated building design activities in the various required dimensions.

3D, 4D and 5D for integrated project management and the physical building process.

6D and 7D for the utilisation of building information in the development of Property and Facility Management


STRAstudio, thanks to the know-how gained by its team of professionals, interdisciplinary research and the synergy of knowledge and skills, offers specific services and technical performances such as:

  • Feasibility studies and specific surveys

  • Building permits and other construction practices

  • Technical and economic fairness assessments

  • Energy consultancy, assessments and diagnoses

  • Research, analysis and measurements, surveys and monitoring

  • Architectural design in all its phases: preliminary, definitive and executive

  • Economic metric calculations (according to WBS)

  • Interior design

  • Operational and construction management

  • Safety coordination


Provided services in the fields of urban planning, logistical and industrial architecture, residential, sport, tourism and interior design.


STRAstudio performs General Contractor activities and functions to optimise all work processes by coordinating the other professionals involved in the construction process.


With the GC service, mainly in the area of "turnkey project", a complete service is offered to ensure controlled and coordinated management of the construction process, time savings and cost-effectiveness, using suppliers that meet the requirements of each project.

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